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Gift Guide for Women That Love to Travel

On behalf of women everywhere, I'd like to say that we are excited to travel again. Maybe not today or this year, but as soon as we can. And it's been a minute since we've had some new gear. If you have a wife, daughter or mother that loves to travel, here are some of my favorite things.


Travel Clothing and Accessories


Books and Entertainment

Jewelry and Useful Gear

Travel Clothing and Accessories

"There's no bad weather, just bad clothes" - Norwegian saying

Truer words have never been spoken. The right clothes - the right gear - can make or break a trip. Something that seemed too expensive to buy before your trip to Iceland suddenly makes a lot of sense when you are getting the off spray of a waterfall in the middle of a rainstorm on a cool day with wind gusting around you. But if you are dressed appropriately and have the right gear, you can stay all day. Below are some items that I own and swear by, and others that I'm hoping my husband will see before Sunday, May 9th.

Blue-Green REI Gore Tex Rain Jacket as seen on Photo credit:
REI Gore Tex Rain Jacket

REI Gore-Tex Rain Jacket

I got this coat recently and I love it. I have the bright red color and it always makes me smile to put it on. Oftentimes, performance rain gear can come in drab colors. I like to stay dry and keep to bold colors that make me feel happy.


Royal Robbins Hempline Dress

Royal Robbins makes great travel clothes that will pack and unpack nicely and take you from the plane to the city. This dress has a removable drawstring to help style it different ways (tie in front, back or around the sides) plus a hidden zippered pocket for your phone, passport and wallet. Comfortable, stylish and easy to take care of - us Moms love that!



Pashminas are long, warm scarves that are so functional when traveling. They look beautiful around your neck, head or waist and can also become an airplane or picnic blanket. You can also make them into wrap skirts and cute dresses for night. For more ideas of how to wear them, check out this link.


Inkkas Andes Gray Jogger

Inkkas is committed to fair trade and philanthropy. They have limited but amazing designs and if I didn't love my hiking boots, I'd definitely be all over the Bald Eagle Camping Boots. I love the look of these joggers and they come highly reviewed, so fingers crossed that these make the cut with the hubby on Mother's Day.


Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Boots

I've had these for a couple of years and I love them when we hike. They are really comfortable and have a fun pop of violet to them. I often get compliments when people see them. If you don't have a solid pair of hiking boots, check these out!



Apple AirPods Pro

If you can swing the price, this is the perfect gift to get Mom for Mother's Day. They are awesome, I mean really awesome. One of those things that once you use, you realize that you have to have them forevermore. It's also something that's pricey and not something that Mom may buy for herself which makes it even more special. I bought some for my sister for that reason, she then bought them for my husband. He bought them for my dad in the Christmas exchange (and me!) and then my dad bought some for my Mom. Yep, they really are that great. We play virtual cards every Sunday and we all wear them.


Garmin eTrex 10 GPS Tracker

You may think that you are set with just your phone for navigation. Wrong! I love my eTrex GPS Tracker because I don’t have to rely on spotty cell service – it uses a satellite connection so I can hike and not worry about becoming incommunicado. I also love the ability to set way points so that I can mark unusual spots that may not have a storefront or address and then easily find it again. Geocaching is a breeze with this little device as is finding your hotel in Paris.


Go Pro HERO7

I used to have a cool little underwater camera that was a lot of fun. It was only $50 and I loved it - but it did just last that one summer. I do not regularly do extreme sports, so for me, this model seemed to have all the options that the higher models had but at a much more palatable price point. In the pool, at the beach, on a bike, or wherever life takes you, GoPro is still the market leader.


Books and Entertainment

Leuchtturm Notebooks

These German notebooks are my go-to for trip journals, personal journals and day-to-day management of to-do lists, trip planning and adding to my bucket list. I used to use Moleskine but once I discovered these, there was no going back. The difference for me was that the pages are numbered, there is a table of contents for you to customize, the pages can be ripped out and there are two bookmarks to easily find stuff. You still get a pocket. I love the grid pattern to help me make tables and draw shapes. I’ve picked a fun lemon color that looks like Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year and just makes me happy.


Staedtler Fineliner Pens

Like the Leuchtturm planners, these come from Germany and are made really well. They come in an array of colors, last forever and won’t bleed through your Leuchtturm (see above). Their fine point ensures readability. I love using these, and apparently so do my kids because I can never find them.



I could recommend The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - and I do - but I bet you've already read it or know about it. So instead, I will offer up my favorite travel book - it's partly true, partly fiction, very long, but a book that I never wanted to end. When I went to India, I went to a café mentioned in the book and with sheer dumb luck, met the author, Gregory David Roberts, there. Serendipity! You can peek inside the book online and if you aren't hooked after reading the first page then perhaps it isn't for you, er, Mom.

Masterclass logo


I cannot recommend Masterclass enough. I bought the subscription for myself going into the New Year and I have watched shows by Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener; Simone Biles; Questlove and David Carson.


Jewelry and Useful Gear

Travel Wedding Band

You don't want to get robbed while you are traveling. Before we left on our around-the-world trip, we bought similar bands and left our real ones behind with family. We still wear our travel wedding bands if we are concerned that they will stick out in our travel destinations. You can buy super inexpensive ones, but it's kind of fun to get a reasonably priced one like this and something engraved on the inside.


Everbeam H6 Pro LED Headlamp

This is an impressively bright headlamp that I like better than my Petzl. It's rechargeable via micro USB so you don't have to worry about switching out batteries. It also has a motion sensor that comes on when you turn or wave your hand in front of it. Truthfully, I only sometimes like that feature, but I love that you can turn that off. It packs into a conveniently small case. I honestly don't think you can beat what you get for it's low price. Incidentally, this is on my list because I bought it for my husband and we both fight over it when we go camping.


Hibiscus-colored Hydro Flask

I have a canary yellow Hydroflask and I love it. But when I saw this hibiscus color....swoon! My niece wanted one so I got her this one and it is gorgeous. Hydration is important and Moms love hibiscus color!


Reusable Metal Straws

This may seem like a strange thing to bring on a trip, but you will be happy with your decision when you realize that you can swap out your paper straws with these. The rest of the world has done a better job at reducing or eliminating plastic straws but admittedly, paper straws don't rock my world. These are great for at-home and while traveling. Just don't trip while you're drinking out of these, please.


Let me start with what you don't need - a passport holder if you are an individual traveling. Those require extra time to remove your passport (I have one but never use it). But if you are traveling with your family - and your Mom - you need this passport wallet organizer. It will hold everyone's passports, plus credit cards, plus keys, plus whatever else you need. I actually had a free one from an airline client and I donated it a couple of years ago. I blame Marie Kondo.

Hopefully, you found some good stuff for Mom here. I tried to include a range of price points and curate things that I really love or want.

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Happy Travels,


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