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110 Unique and Crazy Bucket List Travel Ideas [2023]

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Do you have anything unique on your travel bucket list that strays from the typical bucket list ideas? Anything that perhaps isn’t for everyone, but is uniquely YOU?

I’m part of a fun Facebook group called Girls LOVE Travel. Someone recently posted this question and was met with over 400 responses! Not all of them are for me, but there are several that will be making it to my list.

If you want to add some unique travel bucket list ideas – or just spice up your life a little bit – check these out. And please, please, please add any more that you have or thought of after reading these so that we can grow this list!

  1. World’s largest ball of twine (Cawker City, Kansas)

  2. Visit the Amish and see how they live

  3. Visit a goat race in Tobago

  4. Eat Omaha steak in Omaha

  5. World’s tallest filing cabinet (Burlington, Vermont)

  6. Sex everywhere: plane, train, tent, RV, etc.

  7. Milk a cow

  8. Visit the State of Texas Fair

  9. Cuddle a cow

  10. Do splits everywhere when traveling

  11. Go to a nude beach

  12. Lay in the Four Corners

  13. Go to a Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Brazil

  14. Dress up in historical period pieces at historical sites

  15. Train hop

  16. Go ice fishing in Iceland (Read my 10-day itinerary for Iceland)

  17. Hitchhike

  18. Wear capri pants on the Isle of Capri

  19. Jump into a fountain

  20. Ride mopeds in the Florida Keys

  21. Visit the rude-named places in Ireland

  22. Visit Heidiland in Switzerland

  23. Slide down the slide on the Great Wall of China

  24. Crossing off sandwiches from the PBS show “Sandwiches That You Will Like”

  25. Visit a speakeasy everywhere you go

  26. Direct traffic

  27. Visit cemeteries everywhere you travel (I love this book if you are into visiting cemeteries and yes, I am)

  28. Mario kart racing through the streets of Japan

  29. Get room service

  30. Mud-wrestle

  31. Take a picture in Pisa, Italy where it looks like you are holding up the Leaning Tower

  32. Pirate watch around the Horn of Africa

  33. Re-enact the Sound of Music

  34. Take a nap on every safe form of transportation

  35. Visit a dude ranch

  36. Experience life on an Indian reservation

  37. Visit the ancestral diary farm in the Netherlands

  38. Have a bespoke suit made (we did this in Hoi An, Vietnam and it was so inexpensive and so much fun)

  39. Ride an Icelandic horse in a lava field (Read my 10-day itinerary for Iceland)

  40. Have tea at the Ritz in London

  41. Attend a star party (Hey Texans, do this at McDonald's Observatory - see my Texas Bucket list)

  42. Stay in hotels that were converted from other things, e.g., a jail, courthouse, school

  43. Stay in an ice hotel

  44. Eat at the same places that Anthony Bourdain did, and as many as possible

  45. Stop and take a photo at any place mentioned in a song

  46. Learn Yiddish

  47. Stay overnight in a castle

  48. Be a Portland hippie for a weekend

  49. Visit the most unique Starbucks around the world

  50. Learning to drift…Tokyo Drift

  51. Pretend to be a pirate on a boat at a Pirate Festival

  52. Have an original Caesar salad from Caesar’s in Tijuana

  53. Have a Gregg’s sausage roll in the U.K.

  54. Get a street ice cream from a street person that makes you work for your cone in Turkey (apparently, it’s a thing across the country)

  55. Stand on the corner in Winslow, AZ

  56. Join the Mile High Club

  57. Bungee jump naked

  58. Join a flash mob

  59. Attend a rally car racing school

  60. Watch a Moulin Rouge Show

  61. Take a picture with a Cuban cigar in Cuba

  62. Salsa pose in La Boca, Argentina

  63. Carnival Cosplay in Rio

  64. Go to the last Blockbuster

  65. The annual Mothman festival in West Virginia

  66. Learn how to hotwire a car

  67. Visit Roswell and see all the alien stuff

  68. Visit all of the Disney parks

  69. Go to a Star Trek convention and have Star Trek uniforms to wear

  70. Visit places where Cryptids are associated with the location: Mothman, or camping in Big Foot country or seeing the Loch Ness Monster

  71. Go horseback riding into the Grand Canyon while smoking a joint

  72. Eat fondue in Switzerland

  73. At 90 years old, try heroin in the Bermuda Triangle

  74. Dress like Jackie Kennedy and take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower

  75. Visit all of the destinations in the Beach Boys’ song, “Kokomo”

  76. Eat McDonald’s in every country (on a personal note, you can get the original fried apple pies in most McDonald’s outside of the U.S.

  77. Visit a cat or hedgehog café

  78. Stomp grapes and eat chocolate like in “I Love Lucy”

  79. Pour tea into the Boston Harbor

  80. Finding movie locations and taking pictures

  81. Eat Sashimi in the fish market in Tokyo in the middle of the night

  82. Go to all of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museums in the world

  83. Take a selfie with the cow like the cow is the celebrity and I’m a fan.

  84. Attend a Berlin tram rave

  85. Stand at the Grand Canyon edge and shout, “The Grand Canyon (pause)…What a Grand Canyon indeed” (Read my article about Sedona and the Grand Canyon)

  86. Visiting a Lego store in every city

  87. Staying at kitschy hotels (e.g., Madonna Inn, Austin Hotel, Cheetah Hotel)

  88. Attend the Anne Rice Halloween Ball in New Orleans

  89. Eat a macaron in France

  90. Cuddle a panda

  91. Noodle a catfish

  92. Learn a synchronized roller skate dance

  93. Ride in a motorcycle side car

  94. Ride in a blimp

  95. Attend the annual Gloucester Cheese Rolling Race

  96. See a narwhal

  97. Fly a kite

  98. Skydive over every continent

  99. Take a topless photo on a snowy mountain

  100. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

  101. See the mermaids in Weeki Wachee Springs

  102. Have crepes under the Eiffel Tower

  103. Visit the German Christmas markets

  104. Ride a Vespa scooter through Italy

  105. Swim with whales

  106. Go to a bear sanctuary

  107. Take a picture like Belle in front of a fountain with a blue dress on and a book

  108. Go gold panning

  109. Spend Groundhog Day in Punxatawney, Pennsylvania

  110. Eat a fresh durian

Comment below with what you would add!

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