I am a traveler. My travel style varies depending on my trip purpose, travel companions, and place in life. My husband and I have done two long-term backpacking trips. During these times, we primarily relied on stretching our dollars and staying in hostels or renting an inexpensive room. But we also enjoy fine dining, nice hotels and amenities. During those same trips, we interspersed those experiences throughout.

We have stayed in the finest hotels and also slept on a bed made of wood and topped with straw in a village with no electricity or plumbing. We have eaten at the French Laundry and Charlie Trotter's chef table...we've also eaten tree grubworms and fried grasshoppers.

More recently, with our two small children, we have gone on a Disney cruise and bought a camper for weekends close to home. We have done less international travel and focus more on US and southwest regional travel.

I suppose that I mention this to clarify why there may not seem to be a common theme beyond travel on this site. Maybe you are preparing for a gap year and need inspiration or planning tools. Perhaps you are looking to plan a girl's trip. Maybe you live within a short distance of Dallas and are interested in our weekend getaways, camping or otherwise. I hope this blog will help.