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I describe Chrissy as the Travel Therapist and recommend her to everyone I know who’s trying to decide where to travel next. She has a knack for hearing exactly what people are looking for in their travels and providing suggestions that tick all the boxes even what travel companions want different things.


In our case, our family members each wanted different types of experiences. In fact, our top wishes seemed to be polar opposites! To add to the challenge, we also had one child with a rather long list of “dislikes,” and my husband and I weren’t keen to drag a moody kid along.

Chrissy sat down with us and took the time to learn exactly what each family member would and wouldn’t enjoy. She knew which questions to ask as she narrowed the possibilities. By the end of our “travel therapy session,” Chrissy threw out a handful of ideas that stayed within our budget and excited each family member. I couldn’t believe it!

She was spot on when she suggested an Alaskan cruise paired with a long weekend in Seattle. Her plan had it all- beautiful scenery, mountains, cooler temperatures, adventures, mountains, delicious food, and a mode of travel other than the road trips my family had grown tired of. A cruise was also perfect because it allowed me to explore the scenery by hiking while the “anti-hikers” could enjoy the scenery by sitting!


I think Chrissy’s breadth of national and international travel experience in multiple contexts- solo, with friends, with partner, with kids- pairs quite well with her problem-solving ability, patience, and listening skills.


We visit therapists to help us think through all sorts of other questions. I highly recommend hiring Chrissy for anyone trying to answer the “Where should we go next?” question. She’s the jack of all trades who helps answer the key question in addition to taking care of all the other planning details.

L. Owens

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