Inspiration and custom
trip planning

Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of travel. When I turned 18, I took my first international trip with money that I had saved up working at the local movie theater. I went to France with my high school French class and I was hooked on travel (even after flipping a fuse at the hotel and making everyone lose power!)

After college, I traveled around Western Europe with a couple of friends and my now-husband before we started our jobs in the real world. Lots of international trips later, my husband and I took a year-long sabbatical and traveled around the world, interspersing luxury travel on occasion with mostly shoestring travel (we averaged $100 per day). 

Now with - and without - kids and a husband, I continue to make travel a priority. They say you should pick a niche, but that's hard for me. I have traveled all over throughout my adult life at different budgets and styles and with people of different ages, interests, and abilities. Name your place and I'll give you my thoughts.

What I hope to share through my blog - or make happen through my agency - is my steadfast belief that anyone can and should travel. I will always bet on you; I humbly request that you bet on me too.

Happy Travels,