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101 Super Bucket List Goals - Goals that Fuel Your Passion and Interests Not One and Done

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

What are you passionate about? Do you have any hobbies or overarching travel goals that are not a “one and done” item? Places or experiences that belong to a category of things?

Some people wish to see all 50 United States or 63 National Parks. Perhaps you want to see every major wine region in the world. Each of these are what I call “super bucket list goals”.

I have a few of these types of goals.

I’d like to see 100 countries. There are 197 countries that the United Nations recognize. Why 100? 100 is an arbitrary number. It’s true. I’ve been to 45 so far, and I feel like I need a stretch goal, so 100 is it.

Another goal that I have is to see all seven continents. I have been to 6 so far, but I am still missing Antarctica. I’ve set a deadline to do that by the time I am 50 because (1) I need time to save for such an expensive goal, and (2) I want to do it when I should still be physically and mentally able to do it.

Maybe you have some things like this on your list. Maybe you have never thought about it before.

Read on for a list of ideas for Super Bucket List Goals.

Table of Contents:

Travel Goals by Geography

  • Visit 50 United States

  • Visiting X number of countries (to be defined by you)

  • Visit every Continent

  • Visit all 10 Canadian Provinces

  • See the 32 Mexican States

  • Visiting all 7 continents

  • Visiting all 63 National Parks in the contiguous U.S.

  • Visit a certain number of UNESCO World Heritage sites

  • Set foot on all landforms/countries where the equator crosses

  • Sister Islands: Tahiti (mother), Hawaii, Phillipines, New Zealand

  • Spend time in each country along the Silk Road

Bucket List Adventures

Major Religion Travel Goals

  • Tour the main countries and cities associated with the world’s largest religions: (Jerusalem, Vatican City, Mecca, Varanasi, Bodh Gaya

  • Follow the paths of the apostles

  • Follow in the footsteps of the Saints

  • Visit important places in the Bible

  • Visit the most impressive temples across the world (e.g., Angkor Wat, Chichen Itza, Forbidden Palace, etc.)

Literature, Art, Music and Culture Bucket List Places

  • Visit the World’s Top Landmarks (e.g., Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Angor Wat, Christ the Redeemer, etc.)

  • Most Unusual / Kitschy place in each State (e.g., Corn Palace, Largest Ball of Twine)

  • Visit all Walt Disney Parks Across the World

  • See 10 Major Events in Different Countries (e.g., St. Patrick’s Day in U.S., Diwali in India, Carnival in Brazil, etc.)

  • All the Major Travels of Ernest Hemingway

  • Visit the Birthplaces of All Major Forms of U.S. Music (Tupelo, Michigan, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans)

  • Visit the top Ivy League universities across the country

  • See the world’s major opera houses

  • Biggest Film Studios in the World (Bollywood, Hollywood, China, etc.)

  • Try all major forms of massage in their home country

  • See your top 5 favorite artists or bands in their hometown

  • See a concert at the world's largest and/or best concert venues


  • Visit All Major Wine Regions

  • Try olive oil in all of the world's leading olive oil producing areas

  • Go on a worldwide coffee tour

  • Learn about chocolate from the world's leading producers

  • Learn to cook your favorite cuisine by taking classes in different regions of the country

  • Learn to cook the Mediterranean diet by taking classes in various countries around the Mediterranean

  • Visit the Blue Zone countries and learn about what makes them live so long

Major Travel Transportation Goals

A man takes a picture out of the train along the Trans-Mongolian
Bill on the Trans-Mongolian

Major Military Sites to Visit

Most Amazing Resorts and Accommodations to See in Your Lifetime

Government Sites to Visit

Two women and their four children pose in front of the Madison, WI State Capitol building
Our motley crew at Wisconsin's State Capitol during our cross-country road trip


  • See the World’s Best Waterfalls

  • See the greatest animal migrations (e.g., monarchs, the Great Migration, etc.)

  • See 50 different types of animals in nature (Here are my favorite Wildlife trips that I've taken)

  • Complete the Best U.S. Hikes

  • Hike the great trails of the U.S. (or beyond?)…ex. Appalachian trail, Pacific Coast Highway

  • Best Botanical Gardens in Major International or U.S. Cities

  • All the Great Lakes

  • Visit the World's Largest Rivers (Amazon, Nile, Yangtze, Mississippi)

  • Go to the world's largest zoos

  • Touch every ocean

  • Sail every sea

  • See all major geological events (e.g., iceberg, mountain, volcano, canyon, crater, etc.)

A view from the South Kaibab trail at The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon

Sports and Major Sporting Events

  • Visit all Major U.S. Ballparks (Baseball)

  • See all Major U.S. Football Stadiums

  • Go to the top NCAA Football Rivalry match-ups

  • See a game at all Major Soccer Stadiums Across the World

  • See all the Major Car Races (Formula 1, Nascar)

  • Golf at the most beautiful golf courses in the U.S. (or most challenging)

  • Attend every major golf tournament worldwide

  • Visit every major sports championship match (World Cup, Superbowl, NBA Finals, Grand Prix, Tour de France, World Series, Cricket World Cup, Wimbledon)

  • Ski at the World's Top Ski Destinations

  • Visit existing Olympic villages

A woman poses with 3 kids in front of the Wrigley Field sign in front of the stadium.
Cubbies win: Our Wrigley Field adventures


  • See 10 celestial events (e.g., meteor, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, comet, etc.)

  • See an example of all major natural phenomenon – aurora borealis, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, asteroids, meteoroids, tornado / cyclone, hurricane, tsunami, volcanic eruption, glacier calving…

  • See the World’s Most Beautiful and/or Haunting Cemeteries

Please comment below with any other ideas that I'm missing and share this article with a friend!


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